Graffiti Album

Graffiti Album


Graffiti drawing board with clean strokes to draw the child’s innermost fairy tale let the child with curiosity into different drawing board content situations.

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A Graffiti album is a circular album that can repeatedly be graffiti. Children with a pen to draw on the album will find that every place the pen has been painted will leave a good-looking trace. Slowly follow the pen to find good things.

How to use graffiti albums to drawing

There will be a pen in the parcel of every Graffiti album. This pen is of great use. Turn the pen away and pour water into it. After twisting, you can draw in the picture book. It should be emphasized that the pen is painted with water. So it’s clean and hygienic. When the water on the album is dry, you will find that it will slowly become blank. So Graffiti album can be used over and over again. Also, each page of the album is very thick, will not puddle. So the quality is excellent. Of course, in painting a child, he will find that he will slowly show a beautiful picture in front of him. This process is the child’s curious process. I’m going to love the process, too, because it’s curious and fascinating to discover something new.

Graffiti album use a stroke to arouse the child’s curiosity.

A child’s curiosity is like a bone that has not yet blossomed. Every time a new thing is found, the petals unfold. So this toy can fully stimulate the child’s curiosity. When a child touches the drawing board with a stroke, he is already drawing a picture that belongs to his own heart. There is no law of death when children draw. So every time he writes, he follows his inner thoughts. Although the image on this drawing board is fixed, the pen in the child’s hand has a soul. So he would write his own paintings.

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Dimensions 15.5 × 19 cm

underwater, zoo, dinosaur, universe, unicorn, flamingo

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