Hammer Toy Montessori Practical Life Material

Hammer Toy Montessori Practical Life Material


Hammer toy is actually rare in life. Not many children like these tool-type toys. We must admit that these toys are really very useful.


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Hammer toy is actually rare in life. After all, not many children like these tool-type toys. However, we must admit that these toys are really very useful. In fact, we often use some tools in our daily lives—for example, hammers and nails. Therefore, we will use them many times in our lives if the children are interested in this aspect. We can buy them this toy to train their hands-on ability. In fact, this process is also a role-playing process. After all, carpentry work is also fascinating.
Role games are a kind of game that young children prefer.

The Benefits of Hammer Toy

In role games, children play different roles. However, different roles have different identities, and different identities have different performances. Such as various languages, actions, images, etc. Therefore, these different roles are the children’s initial experience of the future social role identities. Early childhood learning to communicate and being good at communicating is an important part of early childhood education. Then, role play is just a kind of game activity that cultivates children to develop correct communication behaviors. The children imitate the words and deeds of adults in the game and experience the feelings of adults. This initial experience will have profound significance for children to assume the true role of the future society.

First of all, self-made hammer toys can exercise the cooperation between children’s eyesight, hand, and brain, especially in cultivating hands-on ability. Secondly, homemade toys can allow babies to give full play to their imagination and creativity in the process of making and designing. Thirdly, homemade toys can make children feel valued and cultivate their good habits of cherishing things. In addition, self-made toys are perfect for developing the baby’s intelligence and spreading the child’s thinking. The child completes it through his own hands, through his own imagination and creation.

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