High Quality Chabyrinthe Card Game

High Quality Chabyrinthe Card Game


This multiplayer card game is adapted by a story named Chabyrinthe, suitable for your family and children. A strategy game and an educated game can cultivate children’s intelligence and educate children about caring for animals. It looks colorful and beautiful.

Language: English

Players: 1-4 players

Ages: 6+

Cards size: 75*75mm

Duration: 10

26 gutter cards + 15 cat cards + 2 home cards + English rules + colorful box


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This kind of multiplayer card game is prevalent, which is from the famous story Chabyrinthe. Attractive and funny for adults and children.

Cultivate  intelligence

As for a card game, the Chabyrinthe card game has a little challenge for players. Players need to help poor stray cats find their owners who are willing to adopt them in this game.

Stray kittens need to go through the intricate sewers. However,  it‘s easy to get lost by the sewer’s complex structure, so players need to guide the cat in the direction by rotating the sewer plate and adapting the sewer plate to open the way for the kitten to move forward. The largest number of points can make their way. Finally, a player wins when he or she has succeeded in creating a path without obstacles between a cat and a home. To achieve the goal and win the game, children need to use strategy to promote their thinking ability and cultivate their intelligence.

Educate children about caring for animals

Not only just a card game, but the Chabyrinthe card game can also educate children about caring for animals. When children play the game, they can feel the poor stray cats really want a warm home, and the way home is hard. So, when they meet a cat in the real world, they would like to take care of it. It’s a good way to educate children by telling them a lively story.

 Colorful and beautiful

There are plenty of colorful cards of this Chabyrinthe. Such as a pupil, blue and yellow. All these brightly colored cards are so lovely, which is suitable for children. Also, the characters of cards are all cartoons; children tend to love them. So, it’s the best gift for kids.


For family game

It is the best game for a home party; 2 to 4 people can simultaneously join in this game. For example, parents can enjoy their time with their children. So, the whole family can have a good night or a weekend by playing this game. So just by this Chabyrinthe card game!


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