Interesting Three-Dimensional Triangle Multifunctional Rattle Toy

Interesting Three-Dimensional Triangle Multifunctional Rattle Toy


0-12 months baby early childhood education class triangle cylinder fun gameplay, diverse colors, colorful and cute educational toys, safe and stable enhance children’s support and brain intelligence

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The fun three-dimensional triangle multifunctional rattle toy is a children’s rattle toy with a three-dimensional triangle shape. It has many play methods and components, considering both the playability of this toy and the safety. Therefore, the shape is a stable triangle, and the thickness of the cylinder is conducive to the exercise of children’s grasping power. This toy brings together many play methods. The overall look is more cute and very interesting.

Diverse and interesting three-dimensional activity toy collection

As a baby rattle toy, the most important part is to shake it to make more bells. Because the bell will attract the child’s attention, this is the baby rattle toys’ primary function. For this rattle toy, the function of the ringtone is retained, but different gameplay is added. It has beads that slide up and down, small animals that bend and slide, and the sun that spins and dances. Besides, its cylinder is transparent. We made use of its transparent cylinder and put in lovely round foam. So its entire appearance looks very cute. The child will also exercise his brain thinking change in playing because there are multiple ways to play. The thickness of the cylinder also exercises the child’s hand grasp.

The rattle toy with a triangular column structure improves the support of the child.

In the early stages of growth, the child’s standing stability is not stable. This requires exercise. The right choice of toys has a great effect on this exercise. Such as this rattle toy. Taking into account the factors that children need certain support when learning to crawl. The triangular column structure is specially used to strengthen the stability. And because of its special structure, children will not be slipped while crawling. As a more intimate toy for children, this rattle toy has a circular design at the corners. This can greatly avoid harm to children.

Rich colors improve children’s brain intelligence and activity.

Color is a fundamental existence in children’s world. This is different from the world in the eyes of adults. Because the adult’s color appreciation has been formed. And the child is in the stage of discovery. So the color choice of toys is significant. The color of this rattle toy is not only rich but also attaches color to its constituent elements. This is more conducive to the improvement of children’s artistic appreciation of things. Besides, the rich colors make the child’s brain activities more active, increasing the child’s enthusiasm for understanding surrounding things.

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Dimensions 20 × 17.5 × 17.5 cm

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