Kaleidoscope Camera Educational Toys for Children

Kaleidoscope Camera Educational Toys for Children


The camera kaleidoscope is an interesting educational toy. It has the cartoon appearance of a camera. It is the best gift for children.

Suitable Age: Over 1-year-old

Product Size: 11*9 cm

Materials: Cardboard

Weight: 0.1 kg

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Kaleidoscope is a fun and educational toy. First of all, the packaging of this kaleidoscope is gorgeous. Its appearance is a cartoon camera pattern. In this way, people can’t tell that this is a toy. Everyone would think it was a cartoon camera. In fact, it is a kaleidoscope. Just look in the tube, and a beautiful “flower” will appear. Turn it slightly, and another flower pattern will appear. Constantly turning, the pattern is constantly changing, so it is called “Kaleidoscope.”

The Scientific Principles of Kaleidoscope

How did the kaleidoscope pattern come from? It turned out to be a reflection of a glass mirror. It is composed of three glass mirrors to form a prism. Then put some shards of colored glass on one end. Three glass mirrors reflect these fragments, and symmetrical patterns appear. It looks like blossoming flowers. And children can understand some scientific principles by watching these images.

Improved Styling

After all, the traditional kaleidoscope shape is a straight tube shape. With the development of the times, the aesthetic level of children is constantly improving. The shapes of our toys are constantly improving, hoping to arouse greater interest in children. All in all, this toy is shaped like a camera. When the child picks up the camera kaleidoscope and looks at the world, in this way, you can see a different world, more gorgeous and more magical.

Innovation and Development

The camera plus the kaleidoscope is a very magical and suitable combination. Therefore, re-integrate some old elements and make new creations. But this combination is not a simple summation, but to get rid of the shackles of old experiences and concepts. Above all, this combination is a new creation. Absolutely, this toy is a brand new combination. The appearance is more in line with children’s aesthetics, charming. And it can be worn on the body for easy carrying.


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