Kitchen Toys Wooden Eggs Cooking Toy

Kitchen Toys Wooden Eggs Cooking Toy


Kitchen toys are toys that many children like very much. Eating eggs can usually supplement the nutrients your baby’s body needs.

Eggs size: 4.5cm x 3.5cm ( H x D ) (approx.)
Box size: 15 x 10 x 5 (L x W x H ) (approx.)
Total weight: 144G

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Kitchen toys are toys that many children like very much. As we all know, the kitchen is an essential part of the home. However, many children are prohibited from entering the kitchen because there are many dangerous things for the kitchen children. For example, sharp knives, glasses, fire. These things will pose a threat to children if they are not placed in high places. Therefore, parents will keep their children away from the kitchen. However, children are always full of curiosity. They always want to try something in the kitchen. Therefore, kitchen toys are the best thing to satisfy children’s curiosity. This toy is to imitate something often found in the kitchen eggs. This toy restores the egg one by one so that children can truly understand this thing.

Kitchen Toys——Wooden Eggs

Believe everyone, and you must eat eggs often in your life. After all, eggs are really nutritious. Therefore, many parents prepare an egg for their children every morning. However, the egg itself is tasteless. Therefore, many children do not like to eat eggs. At this time, parents should let children understand the benefits of eggs. Therefore, our toy played a role. Parents can use this toy as a teaching aid to explain the benefits of eggs to children. The amino acid ratio of egg protein is very suitable for human physiological needs. And eggs are easily absorbed by the body, and the utilization rate is as high as 98%. Eggs have high nutritional value and are commonly eaten by humans because eggs are high in protein.

Benefits of Eggs

Moreover, eating eggs can usually supplement the nutrients needed by the baby’s body. After all, eggs are rich in protein, and they also contain iron and vitamin A. If parents give the baby some eggs properly, it usually helps the baby’s brain development. Eggs can also play a role in invigorating the brain and improving intelligence. And eggs can also play a certain role in promoting the growth of brain nerve cells. Secondly, eggs are easier to digest and absorb. Therefore, parents can give the baby some eggs in peacetime but try not to overdo it. They are exciting kitchen toys!

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Weight 0.144 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

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