Lollipop Surprise Candy Toys Sweet Surprise Gifts

Lollipop Surprise Candy Toys Sweet Surprise Gifts


Lollipops are the favorite thing of all children. Pistol lollipops will make your kids love them. It is fun and delicious, buy it.

Product:1 toy (not including candy)

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A lollipop is a favorite gift for children. In fact, not only do children like to eat it, but it is also the favorite dessert of many adults. Therefore, it is a kind of confectionery that the people deeply love. At first, it was a hard candy inserted in a small wooden stick. Later, the lollipops were developed by many confectioners and produced many delicious and fun varieties.

Lollipop is a Sweet Toy

A lollipop is not only a dessert; it can also be a toy. This toy makes the lollipop a kind of toy. First, we made this toy into the look of a pistol. This style greatly increased the interest of the children and made them love it. Secondly, parents can open this toy to replace the candy inside. This way, the child can use the toy many times. Such an interesting shape, plus you can eat sweet candies. I believe children will love this sweet gift.

Restore Gastrointestinal

Scientists explored sucking lollipops on promoting the recovery of gastrointestinal function in children after abdominal surgery. They divided the 93 children with abdominal surgery into the study into observation group and control group according to a random number table. After the usual care control group, encourage early ambulation in the case of children the disease permitted. Based on routine care, the observation group sucked strawberry-flavored lollipops after waking up from anesthesia. Once every 4 hours, 20 to 30 minutes each time, until the oral diet resumes. Results The postoperative bowel movement recovery time, anal exhaust time, and defecation time in the observation group were significantly earlier than those in the control group. Conclusion: Sucking lollipops in children after abdominal surgery can help the recovery of bowel movements. And it can relieve postoperative abdominal distension and promote the recovery of gastrointestinal function. This is a good gift for your kids.


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