Magic Water Drawing Pad
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Magic Water Drawing Pad


A magic water drawing pad is a simple and convenient toy.


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Magic Water Drawing Pad is convenient and simple to use. What skills do you want your child to have? Singing, dancing, or speaking? In my opinion, painting is the most helpful for children’s skills training. This drawing pad will help children to improve their imagination and creativity. The water canvas is easy to use and easy to carry.

This drawing pad looks ordinary, but it is full of magic. This painting pad uses magical fabrics, is safe, and has no odor, suitable for babies. At normal room temperature, the watercolor on the magic water drawing pad will slowly disappear after fifteen minutes. This is a good advantage. Because in this way we can recycle and use this mat for drawing. Instead of drawing on many sheets of paper. This wastes resources and has a bad impact on the environment.

Cultivate your baby’s interest in writing

And exercise your baby’s ability to hold pens. It is tough for children to learn to write at first. The first is to learn to hold a pen. You can teach him to hold a pen on this mat without worrying about wasting white paper. And the words written on this drawing pad are in color. It is lovely for beginners. Interest is the best teacher. If children are interested in writing, they will like reading.

Cultivate your baby’s ability to recognize colors

Each area of the drawing pad has a different color. When the child writes and draws on the mat, you can tell it what colors they are. This can deepen their understanding of colors. Mastering the color also has a deeper understanding of painting.

Water drawing pad can be recycled.

And safety and environmental protection. You don’t need to wash this mat by hand. It’s not like paper and throws it away. It can always accompany your children to grow up. Become your child’s most loyal friend.

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