Magnet Bars Metal Balls Intelligence Toy
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Magnet Bars Metal Balls Intelligence Toy


The magnet bars metal balls intelligence toy can be stitched into a variety of different shapes, helping children improve thinking ability.

Product details:

1.material:light Plastic

2.number:157pcs/set (109 pieces sticks 48 pieces balls)

3.color :random color

4.size:ball(about 1.2cm) and stick(about 2.8cm)

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Do you want to develop children’s mathematical skills early in life? Or want to exercise children’s geometric creativity? Then this magnet bars metal balls intelligence toy is a wonderful and educational toy for kids that parents should not miss.

Rich Color, Light Material

This toy has 157 pcs and there are 109 pieces of sticks and 48 pieces of balls. Different clubs have different colors, mainly yellow, red, blue, and green. The balls inside are all metallic. Each ball is about 1.2 centimeters in diameter, and each stick is about 2.8 centimeters long. What’s more, it’s made of light plastic, which is good for kids to use to form different three-dimensional geometry.

Stitched Into A Variety Of Different Shapes

To beginning with, according to children’s imagination, kids can use these magnet bars metal balls intelligence toy to make any kind of building or shape. The stick has magnets at each end that attach to the ball. Besides, a small ball can also hold many sticks at once. So the ball is the key point, and the stick is connected to the ball. What is more, kids can stitch it into triangles, pyramids, irregular geometric shapes,  even the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and other various buildings.

Help Children Improve Mathematical Spatial Thinking Ability

Children’s spatial thinking ability is a very important ability to learn to solve problems in life. All in all, children with a strong imagination, creativity, and thinking ability will naturally have a lot of advantages in life. The complex and diverse space, the geometric Mosaic method will stimulate the child’s brain nerve, thus prompting them to think of a variety of solutions to the practical problems in life.

A simple device, but with a lot of possibilities for toys. This magnet bars metal balls intelligence toy is undoubtedly a great training for children’s imagination and creativity. So if parents want to boost their 4 – to 8-year-olds’ mathematical thinking and manipulation skills, this is the toy for them.

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157pcs without box, 157pcs with box

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