Magnetic Attraction Fishing Toy For Children Aged 2-7
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Magnetic Attraction Fishing Toy For Children Aged 2-7


Children’s pool experience fishing toys. A variety of fish rods and long magnetic attraction fishing toys are given to mini fishing ponds, allowing children to experience fishing fun.

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The magnetic attraction fishing toy for children aged 2-7 is a children’s toy that simulates real fishing. The fish toy is a complete set of equipment, including a fishing rod, bait pond, and various small fish. Children use the fishing rod magnet to fish, experience the joy of fishing, and exercise their inner endurance.

Variety of ways to play: fishing, fishing, playing in the pool

This water toy includes many elements: fish, fishing tackle, fishing rod, and pool. There are many elements, so his post is also diverse. The inflatable pool can satisfy the child’s idea of playing in the water and has many small fish in it, which adds to fishing fun. Besides, children can prepare to scoop the fish through the fishing tackle and experience the joy of manually fish. And to experience the real fishing experience, every small fish has metal on it. There is a magnet on the fishing rod, and the magnetism is strong enough to prevent the fish from falling.

Colorful small fish colors and many kinds of small fish species enhance children’s play experience.

There are many fish populations in the ocean. When people fish, they don’t know what fish they will catch. This is also a great pleasure for fishing. Therefore, for this water fishing toy, a design of the pool and small fish is adopted. Children can randomly catch a small fish in the water. Each fish has its own color and shape. Children can experience the joy of fishing and get to know different fish species, and increase their knowledge.

The lengthened fishing rod and the design of the manual handle make the fishing fun upgrade.

The most important thing in fishing is the fishing rod. The fishing rod is the soul of fishing. In toys, fishing rods are also indispensable. In this water fishing toy, the fishing rod has the function of manually cranking the handle and has an extended design so that children can experience the real pleasure of fishing in a safe environment.

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