Magnetic Puzzle Panda Grab Board Preschool Baby Kids Toys

Magnetic Puzzle Panda Grab Board Preschool Baby Kids Toys


The magnetic puzzle is an upgraded version of the puzzle. The magnet gives us an excellent play experience.

Material: Wooden

Size: 18x 18 x 2 cm

Color: Colorful

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The magnetic puzzle is an upgraded version of the puzzle. After all, the most classic puzzles do not have magnets. Therefore, the assembled puzzle is easy to be messed up. If you are not careful, the puzzle will be broken up. However, if there is a magnet, there will be a big change. Therefore, the magnet gives us an excellent play experience.

Benefits of Magnetic Puzzles

Magnetic puzzles can stimulate children’s reasoning and thinking skills and improve hand-eye coordination. And never let young children play with mosaic puzzles. Then the older children start to assemble the divided pieces to be a complete single pattern puzzle. Even puzzles with broken patterns but regular cuts, and then from flat to three-dimensional puzzles. For each puzzle piece, children need to rotate in different directions to make a successful combination. Thus, from the practice to increase the child’s hand-eye coordination ability.

Because puzzles are toys that need to be disassembled and reorganized, therefore, in the process of piecing together, you can gradually increase the child’s tolerance for setbacks. Faced with a mess of jigsaw puzzle pieces, children need to think about the pieces’ color, position, and direction alone. In short, children who like to play with puzzles tend to have better reasoning and thinking skills.

Secondly, it can increase observation and cultivate patience and concentration when a child enters the world of jigsaw puzzles, from a small accomplishment after completing the puzzle to the great sense of accomplishment gained after overcoming difficulties and completing a larger puzzle. Children not only gain self-affirmation but also learn to face difficulties. Because when there is a mess of jigsaw pieces, through constant observation and analysis how to put it together. Then the child will continue, focus, and patiently engage. To train the child’s concentration and stability.

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 2 cm

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