Mini infrared sensor helicopter UFO

Mini infrared sensor helicopter UFO


Mini infrared sensor helicopter UFO’s human body infrared sensor steering is flexible, and the nighttime cool light visual experience ABS safety production craftsmanship. Mini size fun at your fingertips.

  • Suitable for children over 5 years old                  
  • Size:11*11*6cm

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Mini infrared sensor helicopter UFO is made of ABS, and the human body infrared sensor device is full of experience. The lights shine at night with a cool feeling. The mini size has fun at your fingertips.

Helicopter high-tech infrared design: play in the palm of your hand, full of interaction.

For electronic toys, experience and novelty are important criteria for judging whether they are fun or not. In addition to giving children some easy-to-guide toys, it is also necessary to buy an appropriate amount of electronic toys. Because it can open the child’s mind, vision, and thinking. As a kind of electronic toy, this helicopter toy is also beneficial to the growth of children. The infrared technology it uses can sense the human body. When the distance between it and the human body reaches a certain value, it will automatically rise and fall. This avoids the risk of contact with the human body. Also, this helicopter toy can be used as an interactive medium for friends or relatives. It is more fun to play with multiple people.

The visual experience of night lighting and helicopter UFO appearance design

This helicopter toy is perfect for playing with during the day. And when playing at night, it has LED lights inside, and the color is very bright. In the night sky, it is like a flying saucer. Besides, the lighting design is also conducive to the safety of children. He can see the exact location of the toy. Also, the helicopter toy’s appearance design is based on the flying saucer as the design prototype. It is very eye-catching in appearance. Since it is an electronic toy, it needs to be charged, and it needs to be charged for 30 minutes each time. When it is fully charged, it will automatically power off. So it is very safe. But because it has gaps, children can’t put their fingers in it, so pay attention to safety.

Additional information

Dimensions 11 × 11 × 6 cm

BLUE with foam box, RED with foam box, YELLOW with foam box

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