Mobile Telephone Educational Baby Toy

Mobile Telephone Educational Baby Toy


This mobile telephone educational baby toy has rich functions, which children love. It can promote children’s communication skills.

Color: Blue Pink

Size: 17cm*8cm

Material: Chewable Silicone

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With the development of social information technology, our communication tools have also undergone great changes. Mobile phones are our most convenient means of communication. This mobile telephone educational baby toy is specially designed for babies.

Rich Functions, Loved By Children

This mobile telephone toy is suitable for children from 0 to 6 years old. The toy’s top right corner has a small parrot head, which is very cute and interesting. Its colors are blue and pink. Parents can choose colors according to children’s preferences. This little electronic toy also has a lot of functions. It contains Chinese and English bilingual, hand-eye coordination, soothing sleep music, and soft night lights. Well, its good sound quality makes children like to listen more and learn more. Each button contains a different function, which is a new world for children. When children want to learn a foreign language, they can switch between Chinese and English. When children want to listen to music, they can play children’s music. If the kids are asleep, turn on a soft night light instead of a dark room.

Mobile Telephone Toys Promote Children’s Communication Skills

As children grow older, they begin to learn the language and desire to express themselves. The ability to communicate is the foundation of a child’s all-round development. Only by having the ability to communicate clearly with others can children develop better behavioral, emotional, and social skills. Therefore, it is important to fully develop children’s communication skills between 0 and 6 years old. When the children saw their parents talking on a mobile phone, they also mimicked their parents talking to mobile phone toys. This mobile telephone educational baby toy is made for children and fully imitates a mobile phone in appearance. Children can learn communication skills while playing and enhance their interest in communicating with others—all in all, the mobile telephone educational baby toy a great gift for kids. Children will love it.

Additional information

Dimensions 17 × 8 cm

Blue, Pink

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