Children’s Arithmetic Montessori Enlightenment Abacus
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Children’s Arithmetic Montessori Enlightenment Abacus


Montessori Toy 7-15 Digits Kid Educational Chinese traditional abacus, arithmetic, and logical thinking cultivate various colors and sizes of abacus toys.

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Children’s arithmetic Montessori enlightenment Chinese traditional abacus is a montelissou powerful Chinese wisdom tool. It has different measurement units and beads to express arithmetic, and each bead represents its own unique unit. Therefore, this abacus is a toy that can enlighten children’s logical thinking and understand different arithmetic cultures and educate children.

Abacus enlightens children’s logical thinking ability.

Enlightenment education is essential before a child’s thinking is formed, determining the child’s cognitive ability and thinking about the unknown world. As a toy for enlightenment education, the montelissou abaci are fully equipped with this ability. Chinese traditional abacus contains a lot of arithmetic skills. When children master the tricks, they will fall in love with numbers. There will also be more space for thinking expansion on the subsequent learning path because of high logical thinking ability and higher and better thinking. Although the calculation method of the abacus is more complicated, it needs a certain memory ability. But for children, the ability to accept new things is also stronger. Children start from scratch when they come into contact with the abacus, so it is most important to lay the foundation. The abacus toy that cultivates logic is the best choice.

Various abacus styles and different colors of abacus attract children’s attention.

This abacus gives each bead a color to attract children’s attention and enhance their curiosity and interest. And the matching of each color is very characteristic. For example, there is a feeling of a rainbow or sunset. The overall color matching is very characteristic. The color of the traditional abacus is more uniform and has a sense of age. You can feel the wisdom of the abacus from the outside. To make children more willing and like to play, it adds elements that are more in line with children’s play, such as color addition and size adjustment. The overall size is more conducive to children’s grasp and grasp.


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