Mosaic Stickers DIY Colorful Dot
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Mosaic Stickers DIY Colorful Dot


Mosaic stickers are interesting educational toys.

1 bags included: 2 sheets background + 3 sheets colorful dot stickers + the Effect pictures

Choose the Option 2 bags will get 4 sheets background + 6 sheets to dot stickers + the Effect pictures

Choose the Option 3 bags will get 6 sheets background + 9 sheets to dot stickers + the Effect pictures

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Mosaic stickers are interesting educational toys. As we all know, Mosaic is very popular and avant-garde culture. First, it degrades the level details in certain areas of the image and disrupts the color blocks. Because the blur appears to be made up of small grids, the picture is called a Mosaic. In short, the purpose of this style is usually to make it unrecognizable. This toy is an extension of this artistic style. The first is to make the picture into a Mosaic. Then put the stickers on the picture in your favorite color.

Mosaic Stickers Enhance the Imagination

After all, the most effective way to cultivate a child’s imagination is to imagine itself. And only art education can quickly introduce children into the space of creation. This allows the child to spread the wings of imagination. Because there are always new subjects, new content, new methods. Children always need to try and feel. And then constantly seek their own ideas and different ways of expression… This is incomparable to the training of other subjects! So after the children understand certain techniques, they can quickly carry out independent and free creation.

Children draw the biggest charm depends on unfettered. Imagination is rich. In fact, the most important skill in the field of art is imagination. In a sense, children have the most artistic value.

The Improvement of Observation Ability

Fixed patterns do not restrict the performance of children’s observation ability. So this toy is going to exercise that ability. There aren’t so many restrictions in a child’s world. But in the process of growing up can be affected by many things. Each sticker of this toy has a different color. Children can put stickers on the pictures based on their own observations. A child’s imagination is precious, and even artists struggle to figure it out. So don’t just say your child doesn’t have talent just because he’s ugly. After all, children have different standards of beauty.

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2 bags, 3 bags

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