Multifunctional Football Basketball Stand

Multifunctional Football Basketball Stand


This multi-functional football basketball stand is a multifunctional shelf designed specifically for babies.

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Parents, come on and have a look at this multifunctional football basketball stand! Are you still struggling to find a suitable indoor or outdoor sports toy for your children? Are you trying to decide whether to buy a football or basketball rack? Tell the children some good news! Don’t worry! With this versatile shelf, you can enjoy both sports at the same time.

A multifunctional shelf designed specifically for babies

I’m sure this will be a toy that babies will love. First, the overall use of safe and environmental protection of the top shelf materials, safer for children. The multifunctional football basketball stand can also be colored according to children’s preferences, including green, pink and yellow. Second, multi-functional toy rack installation is simple. It only needs a few simple steps. You can get a complete and perfect shelf. Also, you can adjust the height of the shelves according to the height of the children. The height of the basketball rim can range from 90cm to 130cm. It can accompany children to play longer. Third, shelves need a stable position. To make a stand more stable, you can open the bottom lid and pour water or sand into it. This helps to increase the weight underneath and makes it harder to fall.

A variety of functions

The most amazing thing about this multifunctional football basketball stand is that it has so many functions. As you can see from the design of the shelf, it has basketball hoops for children to play basketball on. At the same time, there is a design of football bar below, so that children can experience the fun of playing football. This versatile shelf integrates basketball and soccer play into one. How clever and space-saving! What’s more, there is a bear story machine on the shelf. This is a toy that helps children develop their language skills. It can play music or stories while the child is playing. Cultivate baby’s music sense and listening and speaking ability from childhood.

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Green, Pink, Yellow

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