Newborn Baby Summer Thin Pajamas And Gowns


Newborn baby’s summer thin pure cotton robe and loose Pajama diagonal lace up for easy wearing and taking off. Different lengths meet the needs

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The newborn baby’s summer thin pajamas and gowns are pajamas with diagonal lapels and lace-ups. It’s 100% pure cotton material is the basic guarantee to ensure the baby’s stable sleep, giving the baby a comfortable sleep sense. Secondly, its Pajama style can give the baby the largest activity space and unique design.

Baby pajamasLong pajamas and cotton materials protect the baby’s young skin.

A newborn baby’s skin is very young and needs immaculate and soft clothes to wrap the skin. And newborn babies do not have mature consciousness to control their behavior, so their activity space will need to be larger. Therefore, under such a premise, the length of clothes becomes an aspect of being considered. This baby Pajama is long and can wrap and protect most of your baby’s skin. When the baby is active, it can protect the baby’s skin to a great extent. In addition, long pajamas can also become a blanket after the baby falls asleep, which can protect the baby from the wind and cold. It can not only protect the baby’s skin but also give it a certain sense of safety.

The diagonal lace-up and loose design of the robe is easy to wear and take off.Baby pajamas

The design of this baby Pajama is very thoughtful. First of all, it is the way of oblique Lapel lace. This way adopts the way of lace, which can give the baby enough activity space and adjust the tightness and simplify the hardware items of clothes and give the newborn baby enough safety. When the baby wears these pajamas, he can move comfortably and without obstacles—secondly, the loose design of HEPA. For the baby, too tight clothes will cause the baby’s limited activities or some other problems. Therefore, loose clothes can let the baby move freely and is conducive to the baby’s development. The design of this dress and robe considers the baby’s comfort and development, so the loose version is more liked by the baby.

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Dimensions N/A

Blue cloud long, Blue cloud short, Yellow long, Yellow short, Blue and white long, Blue and white short, Pink long, Pink short

Reference height

59 cm (suitable for 0-3 months), 66 cm (suitable for 3-6 months)

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