Paint Transfer DIY Cartoon Magic Scratch Art
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Paint Transfer DIY Cartoon Magic Scratch Art


Paint transfer is an interesting educational toy. Use bamboo sticks to stroke, color with colored paper, and a simple and quick drawing.

Material: Paper, Wood, Plastic

Size: 20 x 17CM

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Paint transfer is a special and interesting educational toy. It is very similar to scratch art. One point more than it is the sticker step. After all, the art of scratching is a new type of painting tool. Scratch paper is a two-layer art paper product with two layers of bottom and surface. And the covering layer is mainly black and white, and use a bamboo stick to trace each part’s outline. Then cover the colored paper to paint. There are various scraping tools, such as toothpicks, keys, hair clips, pen caps, straws, etc. Because the same tool uses different methods to produce different effects, different scraping tools can express different lines and patterns.

Easy to Paint Transfer

Simplicity is relative to other paintings. For example, watercolor painting needs to carry crayons, paints, water cups, rags, etc., which is very inconvenient. And it is easy for children to stain their clothes when using paints. But the tools used for scraping are straightforward, only a piece of construction paper and a toothpick. Just use a toothpick to gently scrape on the drawing paper to get a beautiful picture.

Stimulate Interest in Painting

The scraping color is not known in advance, and the scraping cannot be changed. Therefore, scratching can easily arouse children’s interest in painting. It can also improve their imagination and drawing level and exercise children’s decisive drawing habits. Paint transfer is an ideal way to cultivate children’s creative thinking and open up their minds. Aimed at the characteristics of students who are curious and like to explore. I think scratching is a new form of painting, which is very suitable for students’ painting activities.

Improve the use of Lines

Paint transfer is the use of the drawing language of lines to carry out creative activities. Children have a certain ability to draw with lines and master using lines to shape their bodies. In this way, they can express their emotions in the process of creation. To create a piece of scraping works full of childishness. Therefore, parents should stimulate their interest in learning art and cultivate their aesthetic ability.

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