Play Bed Tent Playhouse Privacy Space

Play Bed Tent Playhouse Privacy Space


The play bed tent is an exclusive play space for children at home. Parents need to leave a space unique to their children.

Product size: about 140*100*80cm/55.12*39.37*31.5in

Weight: about 1.3kg (including packaging)

Color: pink, blue

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The play bed tent is an exclusive play space for children at home. Parents need to leave a space unique to their children. Therefore, in the corner of the house, prepare a small tent for the baby. Then, tents created an exclusive space for the child. So, every time you play in it, I believe there will be another fun. The leisure area is the fun of home life. However, this is relative to adults. If there are children in the family, parents will put their children’s growth needs first.

The Benefits of Play Bed Tent

In fact, from a psychological point of view, children do not like too much space. The space of the tent is small, which gives them a sense of security. This is why children (when they are upset or sad) always like to drill into the cabinet. Because in a relatively small space, their hearts will be relatively quiet.

In terms of hands-on, children like things built by themselves or their parents. Because it makes him feel a sense of accomplishment or pride, so, this is why kindergartens always like to hold some interactions between children and parents. After all, this can increase the sense of closeness between the child and the parent.

He can see the little bed, the little tent, and the little chair from the child’s vision. Then, they will use and approach unconsciously. Furniture suitable for children’s body shape and color interests will make them more comfortable to use. Moreover, the small space in the tent will give the child a feeling of being protected.

From the perspective of education theory, children’s psychological and physical feelings. If you can build a play tent in the children’s room, there are many advantages. It meets children’s needs for space exploration. It is also okay to allow children to have more safe caves and increase intimate memories of personal interaction. Give children a happy childhood and an exclusive space. So a small tent is really the best choice! The little princess, the little prince’s dream, starts here!

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light blue, light pink

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