Puzzle Toys Jigsaw Magnetic Wooden Toy

Puzzle Toys Jigsaw Magnetic Wooden Toy


Puzzle toys are children’s favorite toys. This toy is both fascinating and informative. A magnetic jigsaw puzzle is such an interesting toy.

Size: 30x15x4.5cm

Material: wood

Weight: 0.9kg

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Puzzle toys are children’s favorite toys. After all, this toy is both fascinating and informative. Educational toys have always been the first choice for parents to give their children gifts. So this magnetic jigsaw puzzle is such an interesting toy. First of all, this toy is adorable, and it can quickly attract children’s attention. There are four small animal images on the magnetic card, a little rabbit, a little tiger, a little panda, and a kitten. Then, the various parts of the image representing these small animals are scattered. Children can combine any combination. But every small animal has a different profession. Children need to find representative costumes of each profession and put on the little animals.

The Intellectiveness of Puzzle Toys

First, puzzle toys can effectively promote children’s vision development. After all, most jigsaw toys have bright colors and a variety of patterns. Therefore, the jigsaw puzzle can effectively attract the child’s attention, and the child will focus on the jigsaw puzzle while playing with this toy. Therefore, the development of children’s eyesight is promoted.

Second, puzzle toys can effectively exercise children’s logical thinking ability. Because children use their brains, observe, and try when they play with jigsaw puzzles. This series of actions start from the child’s logical thinking ability. Therefore, jigsaw toys are perfect for the development of children’s thinking and logical ability.

Third, puzzle toys can cultivate children’s patience and concentration. However, many children may feel that jigsaw puzzles are boring and not fun at first. However, slowly, as the child succeeds step by step, the jigsaw puzzle will greatly stimulate the child’s interest and ability.

Cultivate Children’s Imagination

In fact, many assembled toys do not have a fixed template. Therefore, children must use their imagination to assemble what they like. Many shopping malls will also have entertainment venues for children to play with assembled toys. Then many children will spell out many objects according to their own ideas, such as castles, slides, stools, etc. We have to lament their rich imagination. Children will continue to exercise their imagination by playing with assembled toys and gradually becoming a very good person at imagination. This is a potent ability. Many creations and new things are born out of imagination.

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Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 4.5 cm

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