Rainbow Toys

Rainbow Toys


Rainbow toys create children’s simple, beautiful rainbow world and let children in the rainbow world develop imagination and production ability.

Rainbow: (overall) 14 cm wide 3 cm high 7 cm. Small man: 2.5 cm in length and width and 4.5 cm in height.

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Rainbow toys are based on the most beautiful look of the rainbow. Ask grandpa in the sky, become a child’s favorite toy. A very romantic and lovely rainbow can give your child the best imagination.Sit on a rainbow with wooden little people and see the most beautiful look in the world.

Rainbow toys create a beautiful fairy tale world for children.

To be closer to the children’s fairy tale world, this toy will represent the beautiful things of the rainbow image to create. Rainbows are not common in real life, but people often say that they bring beauty to people. Make it into a toy to spend your childhood with your child. The world is beautiful; the scenery is a beautiful impression deeply in the child’s mind. The toy doesn’t take the elements of the rainbow as a whole. Instead, each rainbow is separated, and each color represents a rainbow. Easy for children to play with. But,Another element is six lovely little people. They all have their own colors. Glow with the colors of the rainbow. Children can place these little people with rainbows at will. Every picture you put out is beautiful. It’s as if these little people are playing with their children and playing together.

The cultivation of imagination and creative consciousness

From time to time, people imagine sitting in front of the window and watching the rainfall outside. When there’s a rainbow, people think everything is so good. As Ames, children will imagine what a rainbow should look like in their own world. This rainbow toy processes each color of the rainbow in wood. Children can make the most of their imaginations to put rainbows in their heads. How happy it is when a child looks at the rainbow he has placed. While the children were playing with toys, six little people wore clothes of various colors. They are dotted with rainbows. With their own efforts, let the children make the rainbow look more beautiful. They are more like partners of their children, working with them to create their own unique rainbow image.


Size of the rainbow toy: The total length of the rainbow is 14 cm, 3 cm wide, and 7 cm high. The small man is 2.5 cm long and 4.5 cm wide. Children over eighteen months of age are advised to play.

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Dimensions 14 × 3 × 7 cm


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