Rubik’s cube
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Rubik’s cube


As a puzzle exercise toy, Rubik’s Cube is conducive to children’s intellectual development, exercise children’s responsiveness.

Size: (big) 5.7×5.7×5.7 cm  (mini)3×3×3 cm

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Rubik’s cube is an operational puzzle toy. Suitable for children at different stages to play, of course, adults can also. It is of great help to the child’s mental development. It has an exercise effect on your child’s brain.

The composition of the Rubik’s Cube

There’s a reason it’s called this. It consists of 26 small squares, with 8 in the middle and 9 in the other two layers. Move around an axis in the middle. So it’s a combination of many ways. Also, each face has a specified color. Each turn, Rubik’s Cube changes the composition of the color. So restoring it to its original uniform color requires a certain amount of skill and brainpower. And this is made up of six styles, using different colors. So people can choose according to how much they like to color. Since this is made of ABS material, it is relatively strong and safe.

Develop your child’s intelligence to exercise your child’s responsive power

The speed of a child’s intellectual development is rapid at a young child. For the new cognitive things, the child’s acceptance ability is also powerful. So when you are very young, you have to have a sense of raising children. This Rubik’s Cube is a good intellectual toy for children. Due to the toy’s diverse color combinations, skill and play requirements are still relatively high. So playing this when children are more receptive to difficult things can make a lot of progress and development in their intelligence. And it’s not just about intelligence. It is also required in terms of hand flexibility. So children develop intelligence while also developing hand flexibility.

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