Solar System Model DIY toy Planet Earth Educational Coloring Toy
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Solar System Model DIY toy Planet Earth Educational Coloring Toy



Product Name: DIY solar system model

Brand Name: Brozebra

Material: PC

Product dimensions(approximately): 18*21*6cm

Product weight(approximately): 250g

Package: PE BAG(no box to reduce the cost of shipping)

Age: Over 3

Use steps: in the detailed description or the instruction

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No one will reject the wonders of the planet, including children. In fact, children tend to care more about what is happening in the universe than adults. Because they are still naturally curious and adventurous. Many children’s first dream is to become an astronaut. So why not put the solar system in front of your child? In any case, planet model toys can be the love of children.

DIY and practice

This product is not a finished product when it is sent to you. There are some parts and pigments in the suit. You need to close the planet first, then insert the steel bar and color the planet. After that, you can fix the rotating arm in sequence and install the planet on the rotating arm. This allows the solar system model to be assembled. This process is not only to increase the fun but also to cultivate children’s imagination and creativity. Not to mention, children’s hand-painted appearance of the sun and stars can greatly help them learn about these planets.

Safe and sound

PC is the main material for this solar system model (Polycarbonate). It has passed professional quality inspection, so you don’t have to worry about any safety issues. PC is a kind of engineering plastics with excellent properties, such as electrical insulation, dimensional stability, no radiation, self-extinguishing and flame retardant, and easy coloring. These characteristics contribute to safety first. Therefore, children will not be exposed to radiation, not to mention electric shock and fire. Secondly, the easy coloring of PC materials will make the coloring process very simple, and the painted color will not disappear easily.

Dream fortress

Children’s aviation dreams and astronomical dreams often disappear not because of lack of ability but because dreams seem too far away. If your child likes space and the universe, you should create a relevant game environment for him or her. As children learn more about celestial bodies and the universe, they will become more confident in themselves.

Enter the wonderful galaxy and universe with this solar system model now!

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 18 × 21 × 6 cm

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