Spinning Top Toy

Spinning Top Toy


The spinning top is assembled with joy, speed and wisdom coexist in mental gameplay, and the cool appearance attracts children’s love.

Suitable for children over three years old

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The spinning top is a top toy that coexists with speed and wisdom. The top collides with other objects and generates sparks. Experience the thrill of speed and collision between electric light flint.

The intelligent play thinking and way of a spinning top

There are many parts in the spinning top. If children are interested in mechanical toys, then the top is the best choice. First of all, this gyro has bearings and tops. This is the more important part, followed by the transmitter. It is the main tool to start spinning the top. Of course, there are other parts. These parts need to be assembled. Children can experience the joy of assembling. Secondly, launching the top still needs a certain angle to choose from. This requires brainpower to compete. When children play with friends, this kind of mental intelligence competition will be more obvious.


Top exercises children’s hand-brain coordination ability

This spinning top is an explosive competition of hand power. It is also an exercise in the use of children’s brainpower in the formation of soldiers. When the child starts the spinning top to compete with other children’s toys, the child’s hand’s strength determines the length and strength. This is the training of children’s hand strength. Let the children unknowingly improve the strength of their hands while playing. Secondly, facing different terrain, the angle of the launching top is very affected. So children have to look in all directions. Only by turning your little brain can you win the final victory. Therefore, this toy is very suitable for children to play with in terms of assembly design and exercise of their abilities.

Additional information

Dimensions 5.6 × 5.6 × 3.2 cm

Glare Aspis, Super Whisker, Butterfly, Shadow Streak

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