Sticker Puzzle DIY Game 3D EVA Foam
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Sticker Puzzle DIY Game 3D EVA Foam


Foam stickers come in various styles and colors and are handcrafted to increase your child’s hand flexibility and creativity. The sticker puzzle is an educational toy. You can also activate your brainpower while training your hands. It is the best gift for children.

Product Material: EVA

Product Color: Random

Product Size: 17.5*13cm

Product Package: OPP Bag

Age Range: ≥3 years old

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Foam stickers are toys that need to be handcrafted by children. It has a lot of styles, and these styles are bright in color. With this toy, children can improve their handcrafting skills and creativity.

There are a wide variety of Foam stickers as well as play.

EVA’s material is softer than other sticker materials. And without the addition of any chemicals, it is a safe material. And the material of the sticker is foam texture. So children don’t hurt themselves when they play. There are several types of it. There are images of tigers, lions, elephants, bees, and other animals. And besides that, there are natural or life scenes on the stickers. So it looks bright and vivid. Second, behind every patch of it, there is glue. Tear off the isolation paper and paste it. Simple, convenient, and safe. The sticker panel has a corresponding location prompt and is free to play according to your child’s ideas.

Improve your child’s ability and creativity to make it by hand

Children themselves make foam stickers. So in the process, every sticker to stick to the location, the child needs to imagine. Then the child will go and make the picture sticker of his imagination. This sticker exercises your child’s ability to make them by hand. Besides, parents can participate in the game and complete the sticker with their children. The world in children’s eyes is different from the world in adults’ eyes. So children see things differently and think differently. Parents will find more interesting places for their children as they play with them. Stickers also enhance relationships with children. Please don’t stop your child when they leave a sticker in a place where the adult thinks it’s wrong. Because of the need to protect the world he imagines, let’s slowly explore something more interesting deep inside your child.




A sticker puzzle toy is a fascinating intellectual toy. This toy needs children to make by themselves. Children’s nature is to love to play. And through various games or toys, children’s intelligence, personality, etc., can also be developed. For children, appropriate and beneficial toys are indispensable. There are many types of puzzles, and a sticker puzzle is one of them. Children playing sticker puzzles are also very beneficial. Let’s learn about the benefits of playing puzzles for children now.

DIY Toy Sticker Puzzle

When children play sticker puzzles, they must use their brains at the same time. So when children are playing puzzles, they will also exercise their hands-on ability. There is also the ability to read, write, and solve problems. This toy appears in the form of a picture. But the picture is not complete. Each part of the picture becomes a small paper card. Shuffle the order of these cards and put them back in their original positions. Make the form a complete picture. This is really a process of testing children’s hands and brains.

Collective Division of Labor

This sticker puzzle toy can be played with by multiple children. In this way, the children’s collective division of labor and collaboration ability can be exercised. There are always some people in society who have high interpersonal skills and are good at getting along with others. Some people don’t know how to interact with others. Those who are good at interacting with others will always have more opportunities than others, whether in study or work.

Improve Observation Ability

To gain more knowledge, observation is one of the most important ways. If children can concentrate on and understand different aspects of knowledge quickly when studying, they have good observation skills. After all, a strong understanding of the relationship between the whole and the part. Therefore, the strength of observation ability greatly influences children’s learning ability and learning efficiency.
In the sticker puzzle process, you must carefully observe each piece of the puzzle to complete the picture. All in all, it is a good exercise for children to recognize colors and graphics. And in this process, the child has a deeper understanding of the whole and the part.

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Dimensions 17.5 × 13 cm

5 Pcs(Randomly sent), 10 Pcs

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