Straw Glasses
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Straw Glasses


Straw glasses make fun toys, exercise children’s lung capacity, daily parties, and game life to add a happy atmosphere.

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Straw glasses are interesting. It is a practical toy that stimulates children’s fun to play with and can also be used on occasions such as party festivals to add fun to the event.

The use and safety of straw glasses

As can be seen from the toy’s name, it is a toy that can be neither straw nor a pair of glasses. Like a straw, put it in a drink or water. Drink water by absorbing it. This play is like a crow’s stone to fill a water bottle, and finally drink water is the same truth. The only difference is that this toy requires us to drink with lung capacity. Of course, people can buy the materials they make with confidence because Straw is safe to eat grade plastic hoses. So people can rest assured. This toy is also of great use. For example, at a family gathering, you need to play some games to add to the fun atmosphere. This toy is a good way. People can punish those who lose by drinking as much as they drink.

exercise your child’s lung capacity

For a toy, it’s important to have fun. People buy toys to be happy with them. These straw glasses combine the eyes with the straw, starting with fun. Enrich the straw through the form of the eye. This helps develop children’s creativity. Objects encountered in daily life no longer exist independently. Inspired by Straw glasses, children can discover more novel and innovative things from every corner of their lives. Because of the unique design angle of this toy, it has the interest of traditional toys. By interacting with your child’s reality, you can create happiness for your child while exercising your child’s lung capacity.

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