The baby’s soft plush cloth surface can pull four small cars toy

The baby’s soft plush cloth surface can pull four small cars toy


Plush stuffing for children over nine months old, four types of carts with different colors, removable cleaning carts

Suitable for babies over nine months old

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The baby’s soft plush cloth surface can pull four small cars is a toy that babies over 9 months old can play with. This plush car is made of the clot,h, and the filling is plush, so it is very safe. Secondly, there are four small cars in this care package, which can satisfy babies’ different play intentions.

The soft plush and closed cloth material are soft and very sad.

Children’s skin is fragile, especially in terms of the toy’s toy’s material, extremely demanding. Therefore, to protect babies’ fragile and delicate skin, this toy has made targeted adjustments in terms of material. This plush car sets the surface material to cloth, so it is more skin-friendly. And reduce discomfort. Besides, the filling in it is the sponge. It is more friendly in the children’s touch and toy experience. Generally aimed at babies, they cannot play with toys made of hard materials, which are easy to get injured. So this plush car is fully and reasonably designed. So in terms of material, it is very safe.

Wheels with increased friction and removable cleaning

In addition to the body’s plush design, the wheels’ design is also conducive to cleaning and playing. Because the car toys are very suitable for children to play, it can be placed anywhere in the house. When you want to put it in a clean place on the bed, this toy’s wheels can be washed down. Therefore, it ensures the hygiene of the toy and contributes to the cleanliness of the family. Besides, the wheel’s structural design is also very safe because of the close contact with the child. On the surface, the outer edge of the wheel is very smooth. This can avoid bumps.

There are four different cars in the package to play with different feelings.

This plush car includes four toys, namely Police Car, Bus, Taxi, Ice Cream Car. Different cars have different colors, and the surface elements are also various. Children let these four cars play different roles, enriching the game experience of playing with toys. You can also interact with your parents. These four cars with different colors will give children a distinct and rich game experience.

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