Track Racing Children’s Car Toys
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Track Racing Children’s Car Toys


The track racing children’s car toys have various sizes and environmentally friendly materials, exercising children’s visual tracking skills and improving their attention.

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Let’s have a look at the track racing children’s car toys. The track quality is excellent, the components are relatively simple, and it is installed easily. The car is also very delicate, and children will like to play.

Reasons for Choosing This Car Toys Set

First of all, this toy car set has 4-16 cars. It is suitable for babies over three years old to play. Depending on the settings you choose, the number of tracks will vary, so the toy’s overall size will vary. Secondly, parents can rest assured about the material of the car toy set. A strict selection of environmental protection water paint is safe and does not fade. Water-soluble pigment paint smooth color fusion safe and more assured. It has a 360 degrees soft skin process: fine surface polishing treatment, no flash Burr, delicate touch, baby play without scratching. What’s more, track racing children’s car toys strictly control the cultivation of childhood beauty. The inner slide adopts different color designs to exercise the baby’s visual discrimination.

More Games to Play More Love

The base is equipped with a simulated repair factory and a parking garage to guarantee the car. First, while playing, the children watched the cars go quickly across the top of the track. This exercises children’s visual tracking skills and improves their attention. Secondly, the base is 34cm long, thick materials, stable support gliding track to keep the car on track layer by layer. That also increases the chassis without rolling over. Thirdly, colorful track and car color design are also the heart of this toy. We hope the baby in the play at the same time exercises their visual color discrimination ability.

Various sizes of toy sets, high-quality toy materials, colorful visual design, and rich ways to play reflect the design of this car toy set for the sake of children. Therefore, it would be a perfect toy for children.

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4 cars, 6 cars, 8 cars, 16 cars

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