Triangular Glass Prism Reflecting Rainbow Color Science Toy
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Triangular Glass Prism Reflecting Rainbow Color Science Toy



Brand Name: Hosanna

Product Name: Prism

Material: Glass

Function: Reflect white light into a rainbow spectrum

Theme: Science

Type: Educational toy

Age: Over 3

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Do you still think white light is pure light? Then you’re mistaken. Do you know the prism effect? It tells us: white light is a compound color light composed of a variety of monochromatic light. Is it a little hard to understand? This prism glass will allow you to understand this principle in simple practice. At the same time, you will also create your own rainbow!

Comfortable and Safe

The prism material is ordinary glass. So touching it is no different from feeling the ordinary one. That is to say, this product is absolutely non-toxic and harmless, and has no radiation. You don’t have to worry about any adverse consequences when it comes into contact with your skin. Since it is glass, why we advise choosing to buy instead of doing it yourself? That’s because the roughness of the prism affects the effect of reflected light. If the prism is rough, the reflected spectrum will become blurred. This product is evenly refined after careful grinding. So the spectrum it reflects will be clear and bright. Besides, the corners are rounded. You won’t scratch your fingers when you touch them.

Good transmittance

This prism uses highly transparent glass as material. After delicate grinding, its transmittance is still excellent. Therefore, the spectrum reflected by this product is very bright and pretty. Whether children use it to learn physics or as an ornament, it can be satisfactory absolutely.


Nowadays, many parents favor educational toys because they can let children learn new knowledge and develop their intelligence in playing. The prism is a straightforward and magical educational toy. When using a prism to reflect the spectrum, parents can explain astrophysics to their children. This makes children understand that the world is not exactly what we see. The world has many wonderful things we can’t see, and science is a tool to explore the unknown world. Besides, the rainbow spectrum it reflects is wonderful. You can use your rainbow when taking pictures.

Lead the children into the world of science by this prism!

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 5 cm

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