Volcanic Timer Creative Children’s Toys Visual Stimulation Desktop Gift

Volcanic Timer Creative Children’s Toys Visual Stimulation Desktop Gift


The volcanic timer is a very creative desktop learning ornament. Its appearance is like a volcano. It can arouse children’s interest.

Size: 3-1/4 H x 2-1/4dia base

Pakeage list:1* toy

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The volcanic timer is a very creative desktop learning ornament. After all, children often need some time supervision when doing homework. Therefore, parents often use timers to improve their children’s learning efficiency. This timer is not only fully functional. Moreover, it looks very creative. Its appearance is like a volcano. Therefore, it can arouse children’s interest.

The Role of the Volcanic Timer

As the habit continues to use and strengthen, the timer will silently moisten things and rewrite your subconscious. There are many aspects to high-efficiency habits, including health, self-growth, interpersonal relationships, and learning and work. In short, the volcano timer can make a reasonable plan for your life. We can use a timer to make reasonable plans for things in life. In this way, our trivial time will be fully utilized. Moreover, to build an efficient life, you need to have many efficient habits to accompany you. Why have a high-efficiency habit? Because the power of habit is infinite, it does not consume your brainpower.

As the age grows, children’s willingness to be autonomous will become stronger. On the one hand, they are eager to break the dependence on the boundaries set by their elders in search of self-worth. On the other hand, because their values are immature and undisturbed, having fun and having fun is the closest to their nature. Therefore, they often appear to be procrastinated with homework. Getting up and going to school is quite daunting. They are always half a beat in group interactions. Therefore, we should use the volcano timer to cultivate some good habits for children.

It takes a long time to develop children’s time management skills. Moreover, children’s self-control ability is weak, and sometimes they can’t resist the temptation of external things. To relax the self-management and requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to make self-management a child’s inner need and habit. This requires effective supervision and inspection by parents. Children’s self-management and willpower should be explored and exercised from different ages.

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