Watch Fan Summer Portable USB Mini Fan

Watch Fan Summer Portable USB Mini Fan


The watch fan is a must-have item for everyone to go out in summer. The USB mini takes you with a strong fan. It is such a novel toy.

Battery voltage: 3.7 800mA

Charging mode: USB charging

Product material: ABS + PP

Output power: 5W

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The watch fan is a must-have item for everyone to go out in summer. As we all know, the temperature in summer is very high, and everyone is always hot. Therefore, we need a cooling tool. The fan is the most useful gadget to cool down in the summer. Although, we can install electric fans at home. However, a large electric fan is very inconvenient to carry and can only be kept at home. However, it will be even hotter when it is exposed to direct sunlight outside. What should I do if the fan can’t be taken out? Therefore, we need such a portable mini fan. It can bring us not only coolness but also reduce the burden of going out.

The Benefits of Watch Fan

The USB mini takes you with a strong fan. Moreover, the strength of the wind can also be adjusted. First of all, its shape is like a watch. So, when your child is in school, he will not be afraid of heat. Children can study while blowing. This can maintain a more comfortable state while studying. Secondly, the watch fan can also be charged with a power bank. After all, it’s easy to run out of electricity after using it outside for a long time. However, the outside temperature did not drop. So we need to charge and power up the fan in time. It is very convenient to charge with a power bank.

Children like very novel things. The watch fan is such a novel toy. After all, no one would refuse a small fan who is exquisite and cute in appearance and very practical. When going out to play, there is a big sun above my head. Moreover, we cannot have air conditioning in the wild. Well, if we have a fan like a watch. We can enjoy the cool breeze when we wear it on our hands. I believe you will have a good mood instantly.

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