Wax Stamp Wedding Envelops Sealing Gift

Wax Stamp Wedding Envelops Sealing Gift


The wax stamp is a handmade toy that many children like to play with. It is not only good-looking but also rich in meaning.

Material: Metal + Wax

Set: 18.5*9.5*4cm/7.27*3.73*1.57in ( L*W*H )

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The wax stamp is a handmade toy that many children like to play with. It is not only good-looking but also rich in meaning. Therefore, we prepare wax-printed toys for children, which can be enjoyed by children very much. However, the wax seal has a retro style. However, it does not lose the sense of fashion. At the same time, the wax seal is also quite special, which makes people feel bright when they see it. Therefore, it will feel very novel.

The Use of Wax Stamp

Many parents pay more and more attention to the cultivation of children’s intelligence and specialties. On the contrary, they neglected the cultivation of children’s most basic hands-on ability. As the saying goes, it is ingenious and dexterous and cultivates hands-on ability. Moreover, it is also conducive to promoting the intellectual development of children. Hands-on can promote children’s memory and thinking skills because human memory is classified into image memory, logical memory, action memory, and emotional memory. Then, the most not easy to forget among these kinds of memories is the action memory. Similarly, abstract logical thinking is supported and supported by image thinking and action thinking.

Doing handwork can also enhance children’s self-confidence. Therefore, children benefit a lot from hand-made, and they have improved their hands-on ability, concentration, comprehension, and learning ability. Your family and teachers will praise you if you do handmade works from your hands. Moreover, it also increases the child’s self-confidence. This self-confidence also plays a positive role in the progress of the child. Hand-made can cultivate children’s creativity. After all, when the baby is hand-made, the teacher first provides pictures or shapes of some things in many cases. Then, guide the children to think in divergent thinking, and then mobilize the children’s enthusiasm for production. Let the children give full play to their imagination and create things in their minds. In this way, manual production not only exercises children’s manual ability but also cultivates children’s creative ability.

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Dimensions 18.5 × 9.5 × 4 cm

001, 002

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