Wooden DIY assembling waterwheel model building blocks
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Wooden DIY assembling waterwheel model building blocks



Wooden DIY assembling waterwheel model building blocks mechanical wooden production, and water wheel gear rotation design handles manual rotation ball gameplay.

▲  Children over eight years old play

✔ Waterwheel coaster 254×232×165

✔ Cog coaster 254×232×166

✔ Lift coaster 255×229×204

✔ Tower coaster 255×229×204

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Wooden DIY assembling waterwheel model building blocks are suitable for children over eight years old to play because of this building block toy’s educational level. Adults can also DIY assembling. And there may be different ways to play.

The assembly details and basic gameplay of wooden blocks

This DIY wooden toy is a water wheel-shaped toy. Its material is wooden. So when the child is playing, it is very safe. Secondly, as a very novel toy, its design concept is also very unique. The use of mechanical technology is a breakthrough. When the child first sees this toy, he will be attracted by its appearance. Besides, this wooden toy uses a handle design. As far as safety is concerned, let the adults rest assured. Because there is no electricity intake, it reduces a lot of danger. Second, the child can shake the handle. One novelty is that Gene will appear in front of them.

Wooden mechanical structure and gear design open up children’s rational thinking space.

When children first get to know the world. It is effortless. They reflect the unknown into the brain. Then through perceptual understanding. To build awareness of things. So perceptual knowledge is no stranger to children. But rational thinking needs outside assistance. This wooden toy adopts a mechanical concept as a whole. And uses a wooden structure to build the frame. So in the eyes of children. This is a novel concept. Children are inquisitive about it. Besides, the concept of gear rotation is also the first contact for children during the formation process. Kids will gradually establish their own rational space.

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Waterwheel coaster, Cog coaster, Lift coaster, Tower coaster

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