Children’s preschool education wooden ball toys

Children’s preschool education wooden ball toys


Round bead shape, closed track design wooden material safe compact and convenient grasping and exercising early education toys

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Children’s preschool education wooden ball toy sare specially designed for children before school. Inspire and exercise the children’s abilities in advance after entering school. This ball toy is made of wood, so children can play with peace of mind under the premise of ensuring safety.

The addition of the concept of Montessori early education

The biggest advantage of early education toys is that they can transform over-professional learning knowledge into simple and easy-to-understand feelings. This ball toy combines this feature and incorporates the educational concept of Montelissou into the design. The gameplay it uses combines the abilities that children need in the preschool stage. Let parents choose the toys they need in a targeted manner. Secondly, Montelissou uses children’s intuitive feelings as a means of education. Therefore, this wooden toy considers the children’s current growth needs and cultivates the content application of hand and eye flexibility.

Orbital ball movement to improve children’s hand-eye coordination

When children first touch mobile sex toys, their first reaction is to move in a straight line. This is a conditioned reflex made by the brain for educational toys, such as this ball toy. It aims to apply the track concept of curve movement. Because ball toy can improve not only the freshness of toys but also exercise the child’s hand-eye coordination ability. Every corner has a different direction, and they intersect each other. So the child has to make a move after judgment. In this process, how improved the child’s hand grasping ability. The rotation of the brain and eye coordination will gradually improve.

The safety sealing of the series of round beads and the compact size and high playability

Balls are beautiful to children, but they also have a high-risk factor. Children are easy to eat by mistake. Therefore, considering the issue of safety, this ball toy adopts a closed model design. Let the ball move according to the set orbital route. Such a design can not only improve safety but also reduce the burden of parents’ housework. Secondly, the size of this toy is very convenient for children to grasp.

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