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The choice of toys at different stages

In the process of children’s growth, toys not only play the role of a happy messenger. But also to bring children a certain role in education and learning. But there are so many kinds of toys on the market,he choice of toys is a great goal for parents. The rational choice of toys has become the focus of parents’ attention.

The choice of toys for children 0-12 years old

0-3 months old: The baby will be more crying. So suitable to choice of toys, such as plush toys, wind chimes with music. Second, it is suitable for toys that stimulate visual development, such as brightly colored cards.

3-6 months old: the baby has a certain grasping ability. The choice of toys is lightweight, material-safe plastic products to exercise. It followed by the use of bells to promote the baby’s auditory development, can be very good interaction with parents.

7-9 months old: your baby’s imitation and language cognition are beginning to become apparent. The choice of toys requiring cards and books with text as your child’s enlightenment toys. Toys with music or literate audio can also help your child’s language development.

9-12 months old: This stage of the baby is a lot of sensitivity to things. So the choice of toys is interesting and with learning function , such as drawing boards, graffiti books, etc. These are good choices. If parents want to focus on developing musical talents, it’s great to choose an electronic piano!

The choice of toys for children after one year of age

Over one year old: Your baby already has a basic understanding of things. When faced with so many unknown things in the world, the baby will be full of curiosity. Then you can use toys to stimulate your baby’s freshness. Choose toys mainly choose more functional, more complex game content, or choose toys of different shapes, such Building blocks. This makes it easier for your baby to accept things beyond basic cognition.

However, the more important thing about choosing toys is safety. This is the most basic and important prerequisite for protecting your baby. Let the parents learn together!

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